Hello World

I am tempted to write first! But there’s not a whole lot of glory to be the first to post on your own blog.

This is leo.fm - a silly attempt to create a static blog (so you see the tag line is a lie).

I’m using Hugo to make this thing. Hugo is a go program that takes markdown files (and other stuff) and turns it into static web pages. No CMS, just HTML.

The idea here is that with Hugo running on this remote server (it’s the Beast running in the studio) I should be able to create content quickly and remotely. For example, I’m writing this in a mosh + tmux session (I want to say “mosh sesh”) from my MacBook Air at home using emacs on the Beast. Once I save this, I type hugo and the site is updated.

I suppose the next step will be to automate the process, although this is pretty simple. I can keep a little shell window open in emacs and issue the commands without ever exiting.

What fun!