Displaying Images, Uploading Images

Playing with image resources in Hugo

The only issue I’m having with using a static web page generator like Hugo is images.

I like to put images in my blog posts. I think it really dresses them up. But if I have to upload all these images manually that’s going to be a pain in the butt.

This image is linked in markdown:

Bill and I

OK that works fine but, the picture is hosted on my Wordpress site. I don’t like hosting images on other sites because they can disappear without warning. That happened to a lot of the images from my previous blog and it’s sad.

Ideally an image would be on the same server as the blog. Then moving the blog would be simpler. There doesn’t seem to be any automatic way to fetch a non-local image and store it locally during the Hugo render. I wish there were.

So for now, I have to upload the image to this server by hand. 😑