RIP Joze

Why I don't ride my bicycle to work any more

Last month, when the weather in Petaluma turned nice, I started riding my e-bike to work every day. Until last week.

The trip is only a couple of miles, and takes fewer than 10 minutes, but there’s one spot that always gives me the heebie jeebies.

The Corona Road overpass is a narrow bridge with an even narrower bike path. Whenever I cross it I try to wait for a break in the traffic, and that’s been a lot easier during quarantine. But as the traffic’s been getting busier I’ve been getting more worried. And then, last week, the worst happened. One hour before I would have been crossing the bridge a bicyclist was hit and killed by a driver under the influence.


I’ve crossed that spot hundreds of times, but no more. I don’t know Joze, but I feel for him and his family. From now on I’ll be crossing that bridge in my car and reserve my rides for somewhere safer.