The Hannibal Lecter Covid Mask

Does adding a 3D frame make a mask better?

Time for another mask iteration. Today on MacBreak Weekly Alex Lindsay recommended using a cool iPhone app to help make masks more effective.

Belus3D is a free app for iOS that creates a 3D model of your head in a few seconds. I’ve used it before and it’s pretty amazing, but there never seemed to be anything useful to do with it. Until now.

A 3D model of my head with the mask fitter attached

You can use the 3D model of your head to print a custom fitted plastic frame designed to make masks more effective. The idea is that the frame will hold down the mask fabric to make a better seal between the mask and the face. The frame has four t-mounts for elastic bands to hold the mask to your face.

I’ve ordered a couple of different sizes (tall and premium) from Cadmus Dental (you can do that from the Belus3D app). I’ll let you know when they arrive and how well they work.

Next step, build a Leo clone so TWiT can continue forever! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!