A Perfect Fit

A follow-up on the mask fitters I ordered

My 3D printed custom mask fitters have arrived and they’re swell!

Remember my post from last month about creating a mask fitter using Belus3D?

Well they’re arrived and I have to say they really work. The idea is that the fitter, contoured perfectly to your face thanks to the software generated model, seals the mask material around your mouth and nose so that no air escapes around the edges. You are breathing only through the mask.

I’ve ordered about eight of them from three different companies. All three specialize in printing dental implants. I used the three featured on the Belus3D ordering page.

Cadmus Dental took almost a month to get me the two designs I ordered - the tall and premium fitters.

Master Labs took less than a week, but they’re local. I was only able to order the standard design from them.

I’m still waiting for the fitters I ordered from Forecast3D but I think they’re on their way. If you’re in a hurry go with Master Labs.

All the fitters are printed from PLA plastic and seem pretty durable. The Standard fitter is all you need. All cost roughly $20 each.

This is me using the Master Labs Standard fitter over one of my homemade cloth masks.

Go ahead, come at me Covid!

According to Belus3D

The NIH has listed the Bellus3D Mask Fitter as appropriate for clinical use.


The Loma Linda University School of Dentistry has worked with [Belus3d] on the development and testing of the Mask Fitter and have found that it enhances the peripheral seal of a mask.

I wore a standard surgical mask with the fitter and a face shield to the grocery store yesterday and I felt invulnerable. Of course I sterilized the fitter and shield immediately afterwards, washed thoroughly, and tossed my clothes into the wash. My shoes are still on the steps outside. I know, I’m paranoid, but it’s not a lot of effort and I really don’t want to get or spread Covid-19!

I highly recommend these fitters. Wearing one protects me as well as it protects others.

OK this is the last time I’ll post about masks. I think I’ve covered the subject pretty thoroughly, and by now you know how I feel about them. If everyone wears a simple mask we can go back to life as usual in as little as a month. Why wouldn’t you wear one?

And if it’s extra protection you’re after, put the Belus3D app on your iPhone X or later and make yourself a mask fitter!