Stop the Insanity

Give me back my hour of sleep

DST again??? Normally I wait until Spring to start complaining, but I’ve gotten nothing else done this summer, so I’m going to start the campaign early. End Daylight Saving Time!

The august Academy of Sleep Medicine has finally proclaimed the truth.

The AASM supports a switch to permanent standard time, explaining in the statement that standard time more closely aligns with the daily rhythms of the body’s internal clock. The position statement also cites evidence of increased risks of motor vehicle accidents, cardiovascular events, and mood disturbances following the annual “spring forward” to daylight saving time.

“Permanent, year-round standard time is the best choice to most closely match our circadian sleep-wake cycle,” said lead author Dr. M. Adeel Rishi, a pulmonology, sleep medicine and critical care specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and vice chair of the AASM Public Safety Committee. “Daylight saving time results in more darkness in the morning and more light in the evening, disrupting the body’s natural rhythm.”

The AASM position statement on daylight saving time has been endorsed by the following organizations:

  • American Academy of Cardiovascular Sleep Medicine
  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST)
  • American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • California Sleep Society
  • Dakotas Sleep Society
  • Kentucky Sleep Society
  • Maryland Sleep Society
  • Michigan Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Missouri Sleep Society
  • National PTA
  • National Safety Council
  • Society for Research on Biological Rhythms
  • Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine
  • Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine
  • Southern Sleep Society
  • Start School Later
  • Tennessee Sleep Society
  • Wisconsin Sleep Society
  • World Sleep Society.

And, I’d like to add, by the Leo Laporte Sleep Society.

OK President Trump, you want to do something that would ensure your re-election in November? Stop the Insanity! What’s the use of being an autocrat if you can’t use your power for good!