Tweet to Toot

Why I'm moving off Twitter

I admit the timing is confusing. No I’m not leaving Twitter because they blocked Trump. Duh.

It’s just too toxic on Twitter. The continued trolling was hurting our team, our hosts, and our business, so we decided, as a team, to pack up and move out. I don’t know about you, but I always found Twitter mildly disturbing. I won’t miss it (any more than I miss Facebook).

We’re not going dark, though. Not at all.

If you want to keep up on what’s coming up on TWiT, subscribe to our free newsletter at The network also has an active Facebook and Instagram presence. And, of course, many TWiTs are active on the TWiT Forums. We’d love to see you there, too!

Instead of tweeting, I’m tooting at You can follow and message me there from any Mastodon instance (that’s one of the reasons I love Mastodon: it’s federated). If you don’t already have a Mastodon account, you’re welcome to join me at To eliminate spam and trolls, you do have to be manually approved - but I promise to do that within a day or two.

I’ve also moved the old Twitter news links feed, @links_for_twit to These are links to stories I’m following for our shows. It’s automatically generated from my Pinboard feed.

Thanks for understanding. See you in the Fediverse!