Leo Laporte's Secret Blog

Hello Dark Mode My Old Friend

I’ve finally settled on a look for this new blog: LoveIt. Hugo has a huge number of themes, with many different capabilities, but this seems to do everything I want. You can choose light or dark mode in the upper right hand corner. There’s an RSS feed. And the organizational system makes sense to me. I’m not turning on search, although it is supported. Maybe after the thing gets big and unwieldy.

Playing with Hugo Shortcodes

Hugo has shortcodes that are embedded in the markdown of posts. This is an example of the figure shortcode. Honor Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Athens And this is a gist from my github account: Et voila

Automating Hugo Posting

I’ve written a small fish function to automate the creation of a new post on this site. Fish is the shell I use pretty much everywhere (instead of the default bash shell on Linux, or zsh on macOS). It has a great command language and the ability to create functions that become shell commands. The following code is saved as .config/fish/functions/ To create this post I ssh’ed into the server (actually I keep a mosh session always open on most of my computers, including the iPad with a tmux pane dedicated to this purpose) and typed newpost automated.

Hello World

I am tempted to write first! But there’s not a whole lot of glory to be the first to post on your own blog. This is - a silly attempt to create a static blog (so you see the tag line is a lie). I’m using Hugo to make this thing. Hugo is a go program that takes markdown files (and other stuff) and turns it into static web pages.